The Freedom Lifestyle Team is a Training and Support Community closely aligned with RobsNetworkers developed by Rob Gehring. Rob shares his best techniques, training, resources, and mentoring at its finest! We offer a Skype Mentoring Group, a Conference Room with Mentoring Sessions/Support, and our premier tip of the funnel program TrafficLeads2Income.

Watch the Introduction to RobsNetworkers Video below and then begin the Steps to Success

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Step B. Subscribe to this blogs RSS feed to be notified everytime the Blog updates. Also be sure to visit RobsNetworkers and Subscribe to the RobsNetworkers Blog in the Left Hand Column (RSS Feed) or by clicking here and choosing email or RSS. You’ll be notified everytime the Blog updates!

Step C. Follow the 11 Steps to Success in TrafficLeads2Income.
Join our Skype Support Group referenced in Step 1.
Also, MatrixBuster 2.0 and TrafficLeads2Leverage are alternate set ups which can be accessed in Step 4 of TrafficLeads2Income if you are a member of TrafficWave and/or GVO. You can also click HERE for access MB 2.0 and HERE for access to Trafficleads2Leverage. Whether you do the regular or MB set up of TL2I is up to you, both harness the power of the 11 Steps of Success. The key is that you have an autoresponder, which is the backbone of your list. Don’t forget our Sunday Night RobsNetworkers Conference at 9:30pm est. Room access and prior recordings are found here.

Step D. Choose your Primary Business. Click HERE for a guide to help you with that. Step 7 in Trafficleads2income also deals with choosing a Primary Business via the downline builder there.

Step E. Complete your 11 Steps to Success in Trafficleads2income by Upgrading to one of our affordable payment plans. Once your 11 Steps are complete, go to your Trafficleads2income Downline Builder and join Contact List Builder to further your Training. CLB adds an additional 4 Steps in addition to list building which you are already learned. Janet Legere, owner of CLB, recommends you send all your traffic to your trackable list building lead capture page you created in TrafficLeads2Income. In addtion, Janet will teach you about setting goals and motivation, developing a plan of action, branding, and relationship building. Thru CLB training, you will secure a domain name, hosting account, and install a word press blog as you continue to build your empire. CLB Trainings are every Monday at 8pm est; click here for access! So join us Sun – Mon for great trainings to help make this year YOUR YEAR to make money in your Home Business.

Step F. With your Blog in place from Step E, now let’s put it to good use. Use the following instructions to create a Step by Step Landing Page which will turn your prospects into members of your downlines even quicker. Click Here for details. Remember, if Trafficleads2income is creating your form code you will need to edit in your landing page link in Step 6 or 11. If you are pasting in your own form code in Step 6, your landing page is controlled within your auto responder.

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