Is this a Pyramid Scheme? — 2 Comments

  1. Here’s how to respond to the “pyramid question” in a way
    that will often get you a presentation:

    Prospect: “Is this one of those pyramid deals?”

    You: “No. Are you looking for a pyramid deal?”

    Prospect: “No”

    You: “Good. When people ask me that question, what
    they’re usually asking is if my business is one of those where
    they have to do most of the work and someone else makes
    most of the money, or if it’s one of those illegal pyramid
    schemes. Is that what you’re asking?”

    Prospect: “Yes”

    You: “My program is neither illegal, shady or designed for
    someone else to make all of the money while you do
    all of the work. Like any other company where you
    might have people under your supervision, you can make
    money–lots of money–from the efforts of other people.

    My business is also designed so that if someone works
    under my supervision and they work harder and smarter
    than me, they get to make more money than me. Isn’t
    that the way it should be?”

    Prospect: “Yes, of course.”

    You: “Let me ask you something. It’s possible that my
    business is not for you…you get to decide that for yourself.
    But, if I can clearly demonstrate to you that it is a business
    where you can earn all the money you want to make,
    based on your efforts, without doing anything shady, illegal
    or uncomfortable, would you give it any consideration?”

    Prospect: “Yes, I might.”

    You: “Fine. Let’s set up a time to look at the program and
    you can decide if it’s for you or not…okay?”

    This “Help Me, Hilton” question was sent in by Devon Wilkins.

    Hilton Johnson
    The MLMCoach(r)

  2. Social Security is a great example of a pyramid scheme…

    It takes in money from people today . . .
    to pay money to people who put in money yesterday . . .
    who are supposed to get their money back someday.


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