A Symphony Of Four Parts — 1 Comment

  1. In Day One training, Ed shows how to use for getting ideas. While this step is most important for those who do not have any ideas for their niche, I will be using it to find ideas for my “home business” niche and see if anything can be identified specifically for the FOL niche.

    Once a market idea is identified in Amazon, you can next take that keyword over to Google and search news and/or blogs for the topic. I found lots of good stuff which I added to my Google Reader so I can be on the cutting edge of ideas for my niche.

    I found a couple tidbits of interesting information that can possibly be used to improve my marketing efforts. For example, an article about .WS Predominates the Korean Market of Domains, and an article about the tremendous opportunity that exists for the sale and use of audio and web conferencing services in Asia Pacific.

    Humm… wonder how I can use that information?


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