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  1. Vic I'm glad you're thinking about "what am I going to do", if things start to really deteriorate socially. I really think a lot of people(are preparing) for the worst. I don't think I would want to let things get that bad, and if they do, I've been "without" for a long time, and still somehow have manage to raise my four children and my wife and I now have 6 grand kids. I have a rich "spirit", and I'm well aware, we all have to go sometime! It's life! It's good to be able to be "prepared" for what ever fears we have inside of us. I wish you the best outcome if things get bad, and I hope in some way, if you survive, you're able to help "rebuild" whatever is left around in this world. I'm a person who lives the day and I'm grateful I'm available for my family and my friends, and those I come across in life. I try to do my best and make this life shine, in spite of what we think we know or see. Sergio

  2. I also believe in the global collapse of the world econmy. Since the econmy of the world is intermingled, the length and form of the recover is unknown. The tribulation period is a horror that defies description. But prior to that the world econmy will collapse.

    God bless you,


  3. Vic, very interesting. I just finished reading the Bible for the second time. Once in 1988, it was the King James version. Now I read a new revised version. There is a lot of food for thought that one should eat up. For me, there is no future! At 73, I am just drifting and I guess i could care less. I read and it was written to me personally, JEREMIAH 10:19-20; LAMENTATIONS 3:52-59; PSALMS 41:9-10; PSALMS 107:1-9. All of the above describes my life to a "T". Vic, somehow you have to get the WORD out? Very interesting, what you say!

  4. your observation is very true and the steps you are taking will also be helpful. What advise will you give to those of us struggling to meet the days' needs in the developing countries?

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